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USB to serial

While I was trying to add rtty support to tlf I needed 1 more serial port on 
the PC. So I tried to install a USB to serial converter (SITECOM CN104).
I can get it to install to /dev/ttyUSB0 by starting the usbserial module, but 
it does not work. Echo "12345" > /dev/ttyUSB0 shows activity on an RS232 
indicator, but nothing useable.
I tried it with minicom. The USB does not receive anything and it outputs 
gibberish (it does output something, but at an unknown speed, and unreadable 
characters on minicom (I tried all speeds)). Setserial does not know the 
The system is Debian unstable/testing (kernel 2.4-166-athlon).

Does this sound familiar? Any ideas?


Rein PA0R

Meanwhile I spent 2 days on it. How do windows users spend their time?
Rein@Couperus.com or PA0R@EUDXF.ORG

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