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RE: twpsk packages [was: Fwd: Re: Debian, psk31 & ac97 audio]

Hi Guys,

> What about Lesstif?
> We would end up with a buggy package, if compiled against lesstif.
> Motif and lesstif are still not 100% compatible.

Joop is absolutely correct about trying to compile with lesstif.  By
using Open Motif, I was able to remove a lot hacks, which were needed to
make things work under lesstif.

> There is a problems with the debs. Ted decided to only support motif,
> which is his good right. Because debian decided motif is non-free 
> software, twpsk-2.1 would end up in contrib and that's the last thing
> I want to happen....
And, it is debian's good right to pick lesstif.  I would like to add one
thing though.  Open Motif is free, for us.  The main restriction is that
you run it on an OS that is open source.  In other words, the Open Group
has given Motif to the Linux community.  This is a commercial grade,
well supported GUI toolkit.  It would be a shame not to take advantage
of this gift.  Can debian's mind be changed?

Ted - wa0eir

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