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Re: New version of TLF

On Tuesday 07 May 2002 15:17, Rein wrote:
> I have just uploaded a test version of 0.4.9 to the ftp site
> (ftp://sharon.esrac.ele.tue.nl/pub/linux/ham/tlf).

Rein, just a quick comment, nothing serious. 

The following directories:


Are permission drw-r--r--, which means I cannot cd into them.

It would be great if a 'make install' would create the directory structure 
which tlf needs. The general way of distributing software is to provide the 
source, so a user can type 'make; make install'. There is no garantee that 
binaries compiled on your system will work on any other system, because of
possible different libraries (glibc and ncurses).

Would you mind if I contribute something to TLF? I would like to modify the 
Makefile, so you can see what I mean. You can always decide to simply ignore 
my contribution....

> It includes partial call / auto-completion,
> sync() after each qso,
> new globalized directory structure.
> There is a README as well (...)
> Let me know if something is missing (yes, I know, the doc...  coming...)
> Rein PA0RCT

Joop PA4TU

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