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Re: Metapackage strategy for GNOME 3


On Sun, Apr 03, 2011 at 02:40:25PM +0530, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> I am proposing to keep the gnome-core metapackage and to use it for the
> core upstream packages. The condition for that is for these to stick on
> a single CD. This will probably have to be checked afterwards with the
> CD team.

Agreed, this can continue being the "minimal but reasonable default

> As for the high-level metapackages, I can envision two strategies: 
>       * Drop gnome-desktop-environment entirely, only keeping gnome that
>         would include upstream featured apps in addition to the ones we
>         select. 
>       * Replace it by gnome-apps that would contain upstream blessed
>         applications, and make gnome depend on gnome-apps.
> Given the lack of clear upstream rules for featured applications, I’m
> seeing the first approach work better for the long term.

*nod*. The name sucked anyway. :P

> We should probably keep gnome-devel as is. I’d like to use the
> opportunity to rename gnome-core-devel to gnome-platform-devel, but you
> can also keep the name.

It's a good time for package renames, and what you propose matches the
upstream name for the concept, so I'd vote for a rename.

> I’m wondering whether gnome-accessibility still makes sense. It probably
> does no harm keeping it and making gnome-core recommend it, but pushing
> all of its contents to gnome-core and making accessibility a first-class
> citizen like upstream does would be nice.

In G3, integration of the accessibility stuff is very clean and
unintrusive: it just adds an icon to the Shell bar, which for now is
mostly infrautilised.

Besides, I think it's best to make this stuff easy to use (ie by
default, not needing to install extra packages), so a big +1 from me.

> I don’t know what to do with gnome-office. We could probably merge its
> contents directly into gnome, I don’t see the point of a specific
> package.

I'm not sure. What's clear is absolutely everyone is using OOo/LO, even if
Gnumeric is better than Calc, and Abi is just no match to Writer in many

I think adding it to gnome would make sense: one less package and people
will get The GIMP easily (if gimp isn't a "featured app", I don't know
what else could be :)

> As for the “mini”-metapackage that is gnome-session, I’m not entirely
> sure. Given the number of interested people and the number of desktop
> environments Debian is shipping, I think it makes more sense to propose
> both GNOME and GNOME fallback as available sessions directly into GDM.
> This would imply: 
>       * gnome-session depending on gnome-shell, mutter, g-s-d, and a few
>         others; 
>       * gnome-session-fallback (or -classic, or gnome2-session, or
>         whatever cool name you come up with) depending on gnome-panel,
>         metacity, g-s-d and the same others; 
>       * gnome-session recommending gnome-session-fallback; 
>       * gnome-core depending on both.

Sounds ok, even your cool name. :)

> The alternative is a single gnome-session depending on both gnome-shell
> and gnome-panel, and leaving only one way to switch to the fallback
> mode, in the control center. I think it might be feasible in the future,
> but I’m expecting too much backlash if we follow upstream on this right
> now.

There will be some people who will just want to use fallback as default.
Making it installable separately from the new stuff might make sense in
the long run too.

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