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Re: Metapackage strategy for GNOME 3

Le mardi 05 avril 2011 à 02:12 -0500, Kenny Hitt a écrit :
> I'd like to see gnome-accessibility get moved into gnome-core. I
> depend on gnome-orca for access to my desktop. I'm thinking if
> gnome-accessibility
> was moved into gnome-core then it would be possible to use a gtk based
> installer with software speech. Currently, I need special hardware
> to install Debian. I know there is work to get software speech support
> with speakup into the next installer release, but having
> additional options would be good.

The metapackage gives you what gets installed, but it isn’t used
directly within d-i.

Using orca from the graphical installer should definitely be possible
but it would require making a udeb for it and adding support in the

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