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Re: Killing off gnome-cd

Le vendredi 09 juin 2006 à 10:30 +0100, Ross Burton a écrit :
> As upstream for Sound Juicer I should point out that at the moment I
> have no plans on adding the features that gnome-cd has and SJ doesn't
> have (repeat, random, and so on).  The official line is that SJ's
> playback support is for previewing tracks, not for listening to entire
> CDs.  I always advocated Totem for CD playback, but it turns out that
> Bastien disagrees and has (he told me he will at least) removed playback
> entirely from Totem 2.15.

Still, SJ's interface is incomparably better, even if it is only for
playing CD's. Also, using digital extraction avoids all "Where do I
change the volume?" and "Why isn't there any cable?" issues. If people
really want more advanced features like repeat or random, they can still
extract the tracks. These features are far less useful for CD's than for
music collections, anyway.

Another option is to keep gnome-cd in, but to make sound-juicer the
default application opened by gnome-vokume-manager.
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