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Re: All the icons disappeared from gnome panel / nautilus in unstable

Le jeudi 26 janvier 2006 à 16:40 +0200, Pasi Kärkkäinen a écrit :
> screenshot:
> http://nrg.joroinen.fi/gnome-unstable.png 
> More problems.. when I try to change/check theme settins.. from Desktop ->
> Preferences -> Themes I get this kind of error:
> "The default theme schemas could not be found on your system.  This means
> that you probably don't have metacity installed, or that your gconf is
> configured incorrectly."
> Well, I have metacity installed (also purged and reinstalled it)..
> I guess it's gconf related.. ?

Either it is gnome-settings-daemon that isn't running properly, or it is
a stale gconfd-2 process. Have you tried to kill those processes if they
are still running? Is there anything meaningful in your .xsession-errors
file ?
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