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All the icons disappeared from gnome panel / nautilus in unstable


I'm running Debian unstable with the latest packages (upgraded today), and
today after a while I decided to log out of X and then logged back in from gdm.. 

gconf asked if it could convert the settings, and I accepted.. after that nothing happened, I
only got gray screen. Well, I could move the mouse cursor but nothing else..

Well.. pressed ctrl+alt+backspace and tried again. Still nothing. Only gray.

Then I removed all the .gnome* .gconf* .nauti* .metaci* files from my
homedirectory, and also from /tmp/* but I still couldn't get gnome working
properly. Now I got black desktop, with gnome panel maybe 50 pixels wide.
Nothing else.

Then I decided to remove all the gnome related packages and reinstalled with
"apt-get install gnome gnome-desktop".. also removed all the .gnome* .gconf* 
files from homedirectory again.

Now, I got somewhat working desktop, but without icons.. no icons in
nautilus, no icons in gnome-panel.. 


More problems.. when I try to change/check theme settins.. from Desktop ->
Preferences -> Themes I get this kind of error:

"The default theme schemas could not be found on your system.  This means
that you probably don't have metacity installed, or that your gconf is
configured incorrectly."

Well, I have metacity installed (also purged and reinstalled it)..

I guess it's gconf related.. ?

Any ideas? 

-- Pasi 

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