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Re: Nautilus/Metacity & Workspaces

On 1/9/06, Dave Loftis <dave.loftis@gmail.com> wrote:
> Howdy all -
> Anyone know if it's possible to convince nautilus (or metacity) to allow for
> multiple workspaces with different icons on them?  I.e., instead of showing
> the files in /home/user/Desktop, you might show /home/user/Workspace2 on the
> second Workspace?
> I shall suspect that this is not available to me, and that if I want to do
> it, I must hack the source.  If so, should I be looking to do this in
> Nautilus (my guess) or Metacity?

I think you should modify the source, there's a gconf option that can
display your home dir as your desktop, but i know, it's not what you
are asking.

With Sawfish i think you can achieve something, i mean, you can have
different maximized Nautilus windows opened on different workspaces,
without frame decoration. For Metacity you can try to use Ross Burton
utility (IIRC Devil's Pie, should be packaged on Debian) to modify
windows properties, but i don't know if it could be up the task... =)


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