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HAL transition [Re: gnome 2.12 unstable status]

I patched bluez-utils and bluez-pin for compiling/working with hal in
experimental, but I thing there are newer release upstream that do work
with newer hal.

Does anyone planed to upload newer release of bluez in experimental? (I
think it is a must in the road even before kde transition)

ps: I know little about alioth, can I upload a package there? could it
be useful for something?

Daniele Cruciani
pub   1024D/79F0444B 2005-04-21 [expires: 2007-04-21]
Key fingerprint = CC22 ECBD 6F3C 0980 8E76  D61C 148E 3B00 79F0 444B
uid   Daniele Cruciani <daniele@smartango.com>

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