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Re: Nautilus / Keyring Question

Did you try substituting the @ symbol with %?

I remember FTP servers used to understand this character.



is the same as:


Just my $0.02 pesos

On 12/7/05, Dave Loftis <dave.loftis@gmail.com> wrote:
To answer your question:  the username is 'username@domainname.com' and I am trying to connect to ' ftp.domain.com' and Nautilus is attempting to set the URI it is passing to gnome-vfs as username@domainname.com@ftp.domainname.com.

Theoretically, this should be correct, except it doesn't work.  As near as I can tell, looking at bugzilla, this might be a case of nautilus making the URI safe (changing the first @ to a character code), but then failing to transmit it as originally entered.

It looks like this is a bug somewhere in Nautilus or the Nautilus interface to gnome-keyring.  I suppose I am left with a venture through code so that I can 'fix' it.  Unless anyone else has any ideas.

Thanks for the help, y'all.

On 12/7/05, Amaya < amaya@debian.org> wrote:
Dave Loftis wrote:
> Specifics:
> I am trying to connect to a server with address:
>    ftp://ftp.domainname.com
> Using the username:
>   username@domainname.com
> I cannot get Nautilus to allow me to do this.  It keeps trying to set my
> username as username@domainname.com@ ftp.domainname.com.

Dumb question... what is the username again?
"username" or "username@domainname.com "?

If you provide " username@domainname.com" as a login, nautilus is doing
the right thing when doing the "username@domainname.com@ ftp.domainname.com"

Or maybe I didn't drink enough coffee yet, and didn't really get what
you are trying to do.

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