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Nautilus / Keyring Question

Howdy all.

Can anyone tell me if the following scenario is created by user error, or if it might be a design of Nautilus (both 2.10 and 2.12).

I am attempting to connect to an FTP server using Nautilus (please let's not get into how there are more efficient ways to do about this), with a username that is outside the username@server.domain.com.  I cannot figure out how to get Nautilus to let me do this, and it appears that I cannot change the behaviour with gnome-keyring-manager.

I am trying to connect to a server with address:
Using the username:

I cannot get Nautilus to allow me to do this.  It keeps trying to set my username as username@domainname.com@ftp.domainname.com.

I am currently unable to connect using Nautilus, and nor am I able to change the server addressing or the username.

Anyone with a chunk of advice would be appreciated.  Or would you mind telling me to whom to address this upstream?

Thanks in advance,


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