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Re: debian gnome roadmap

I'd like to see a tutorial/howto on using pkg-gnome from Alioth. That way we can do our own "back ports" and at the same time help the Debian Gnome Team with our newly acquired wisdom.

What's needed is a simple 1 2 3 like:

1. svn foo from URL
2. go into foo and type bar in a terminal
3. get coffee
4. dpkg -i ../*.deb

A tutorial for the already initialized debian packager -- who might not be familiar with the ideas behind pkg-gnome.

(In case you say something, I have read the README many times with different levels of debian packaging expertise and I still don't get it... yes, i know i'm dumb).

On 9/11/05, Alejandro Bonilla Beeche <abonilla@linuxwireless.org> wrote:
On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 22:50 -0400, John McCutchan wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm wondering if there is a roadmap for the debian gnome team? When can
> we expect gnome 2.12 packages? What is the status of gnome 2.10?
I also want to know this. Is useless to try releasing gnome 2.11 if 2.12
is out already. 2.12 came out just a few days ago so 2.12 should be in
there like in 4 months. At least that's what 2.8 took.

Someone might have a more accurate date?


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