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Re: advice on filing an unusual bug in yelp

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Kenny Hitt wrote:

> Hi.  I use Gnopernicus and Gnome's accessibility interface to run Gnome.
> I have a serious problem with yelp.  Basically, yelp will crash shortly
> after I open it.  The crash is so bad, my only options are to press the
> power button or ssh into the box and start killing Gnome processes.
> I believe this problem is related to the accessibility interface since
> no one has file a bug reporting my problem.
> Should I go ahead and file my bug report against yelp and make sure to
> mention you will need to use
> gno9me's screen reader to reproduce it?  Should I file my bug report
> against a different package related to accessibility?
> For me, this is a serious bug since it means Gnome's help system isn't
> available.
> Thanks in advance.
>           Kenny

Depends what version of yelp you're using. The 2.6 version was based on
gtkhtml2, which had accesibility support, but the next version is based
on gecko, which doesn't.


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Jan Van Buggenhout

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