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Re: Evolution migration hang

On Oct 23, 2004 05:45 PM, James Strandboge <jamie@tpptraining.com>

> On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 14:28, Michael Hill wrote:
> > Next issue: thanks to Rob and NotZed, I have Evo 2 open with my
> > migrated
> > local email archive. Now it will not connect to my IMAP server. I've
> > edited the account settings, blown them away and started from
> > scratch,
> > told it to forget passwords but it will not prompt me for my IMAP
> > password (it's perpetually loading the folders with nothing ever
> > being
> > displayed). Is there a file or setting I can remove to allow me to
> > re-specify the IMAP password? (Curiously there's no contact with the
> > SMTP server, a different machine, either, although I can ping them
> > both
> > as well as connect using my Openexchange Webmail.)
> Evolution 1.4 had 'Forget Passwords' in the Actions menu.  I haven't
> used evo 2, but did have this same problem with evo 1.4.  Clicking
> Forget Passwords did the trick.

Thanks, James. Forget Passwords is there in 2.0 as well, but seems to
have no effect. The SMTP server requires no password, and yet evo 2
won't connect to it either.


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