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Re: Forcing user's umask in GNOME


> Simple question:
> Did you check that Bash is not setting umask for you?
Of course. I commented all such calls to umask.
On the other side, bash's configuration should not interfere with
Nautilus at all by default, unless I misunderstood something.

> You should check:
> ~/.bash_profile
> ~/.bashrc
> ~/.profile
> And other user-related files that Gnome reads when you login (or
> whatever other shell you use if you start a terminal automatically when
> you login)
Well, it is rather difficult to issue a grep on users' configuration but
there is no longer uncontrolled umask call anywhere in /etc left.

> Then you will have to check the config files for bash in /etc/
> /etc/profile
> /etc/bash.bashrc
> And possibly others...
I check everything possible.

> Lastly, you will also need to check PAM's configurations, in particular
> the files in:
> /etc/security/*.conf
Could you be more explicit? I searched there, but did not see what could
interfere. I can see maybe pam_env could be used, but I'm not really
sure of how.

> Hope that helps...
Jérôme Warnier

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