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Re: mouse cursor issue

Le mer 16/06/2004 à 11:08, Timo Aaltonen a écrit :
> I'm running sid, and a couple of weeks ago I began to have two mouse
> cursors.. the first one is a cool one (themeable?) that I can use,
> and the second is a dummy traditional one.

> strange, huh? This is on my IBM Thinkpad, and I do have two mice
> configured (the joystick and an external PS2-mouse), but disabling one or
> the another doesn't do anything (besides annoying me more =).

Such things were already reported. This is most probably a video driver
issue. Which graphics card do you have?

This may be solved by disabling the hardware cursor (anyway the alpha
cursor is drawn using RENDER, if I remember correctly).

> ps. any guesses when GNOME 2.6 will hit sarge? We're about to change our
> default environment due September (200+ machines, 10k potential users),
> and it's a bit pointless to compare KDE3.2.x to GNOME 2.4.2..

The first bits should enter sarge very soon.
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