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Re: Grey Industrial

Markus Riester wrote:

> a recent upgrade gave me a grey version of Industrial. I really liked
> it.  Why is it gone? Bug? Experiment?

In the changelog:

  * gtk2-engine/gtk-2.0/gtkrc.in: revert to previous version
    (closes: #252796).

Summary:  In addition to the new colors, the new upstream gtkrc included
Novell-branded images, including the Novell logo.  The Debian maintainer
reverted to the previous gtkrc because the new one includes Novell files
that are not shipped in the Debian package (and possibly are not DFSG-

> If you don't want a "Industrial" and a "Industrial Grey" in the theme
> preferences, could some one tell me, where i can get the old gtkrc
> file?

You can get the upstream gtkrc from the original source tarball.

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