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Re: gnome 2.6 -> no more .Xmodmap

My .Xmodmap looks like this:

keycode 0x48 =	aring		Aring
keycode 0x49 =	adiaeresis	Adiaeresis
keycode 0x4A =	odiaeresis	Odiaeresis

That is I map some typically Swedish characters on some function keys.
Anyone with an idea of how to achieve it now that Gnome complains about

An interesting observation is that loading the settings manually results
in only non-capitals. This used to work better!


On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 09:49:15AM -0400, christophe barbe wrote:
>I upgraded to gnome 2.6 yesterday and it went rather well (except that I
>was prompted to accept the new config file for each schema file in capplet
>IIRC). But when login in gnome 2.6, I was inform that my .Xmodmap would
>be ignored and I had to use the keyboard properties.
>Here is the content of my .Xmodmap:
>~$ cat .Xmodmap
>keycode 108 = Multi_key
>keycode 115 = Mode_switch
>keysym m = m M mu
>The really important thing for me is the Multi_key definition (ie.
>compose key), the code 108 is for the "Enter" key on my powerbook.
>The keyboard property dialog proposes only three possibilities for the
>compose key: "Menu" "Right Alt" "Right Win". Obviously I have none of
>them in my keyboard.
>Is there a way to restore the old way (read my .Xmodmap) or to add a
>possibility to the keyboard properties.
>I looked in gconf and the compose key code is set by name:
>   options = [compose compose:menu]
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