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[Fwd: [Bug 138454] - gedit uses eel which is not api stable]

I was having mail troubles earlier so am only mailing this now. The libeel folks are blaming the API/ABI breakage on gedit instead of accepting responsibility.
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gedit | general | Ver: unspecified

alexl@redhat.com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
         AssignedTo|nautilus-                   |paolo.maggi@polito.it
                   |maint@bugzilla.gnome.org    |
            Product|eel                         |gedit
          QAContact|                            |gedit-qa-
                   |                            |maint@bugzilla.gnome.org
            Summary|eel 2.6.0 breaks binary     |gedit uses eel which is not
                   |compatibility               |api stable

------- Additional Comments From alexl@redhat.com  2004-05-03 16:05 -------
Eel has no api or abi stability guarantees. Its not really supposed to be used
by apps other than nautilus. The widget in question (EelInputEventBox) is now
availible in Gtk 2.4 (using the normal GtkEventBox).

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