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Re: Keep non-gnome2.6 package out of the discussion please

Martin-Éric Racine <q-funk@pp.fishpool.fi> writes:
> Just an idea, but IMHO the sound support features should be configured
> globally by the admin for all users. The admin already decided that
> kernel driver X is used to pass sound to the card, he could also
> decide that e.g. Esound will be used for all GNOME sessions and that
> Gstreamer will therefore use the Esound sink. I mean, anything that
> has to do with acccessing hardware belongs to the admin, not to the
> users in GNOME, right?

Yes, the admin chooses the sound driver, but the users should definitely
be able to choose whether to use Esound, Arts or access the sound device
directly. Consider a user running KDE but who for some reason likes
GStreamer for his multimedia needs. Should he be prevented from choosing
Arts as the default audio sink just because the admin hasn't thought of
the possibility of running GNOME apps in KDE?

There has been enough configurability removed since GNOME 1.4 already.
(*mutters something about overriding explicit xmodmap calls in


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