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Re: GNOME 2.6 definitely not ready for unstable

Le dim, 23/05/2004 à 04:37 +0300, Martin-Éric Racine a écrit :

> > Have you tried to "killall gconfd-2" ? That's a old and well know issue
> > but gconfd need to be restarted to use new schemas ...
> Are you expecting people to guess that one?

No, but that's a quite old bugs with gconf that happens for all apps
using gconf with a schema ... not sure of the best way to mention it but
we are definitively working on it. I've talked some days ago with the
dh_gconf maintainer about killing gconfd-2 in postinst script to force
the new key loading.

> "Starting with release 0.8, Rhythmbox uses gstreamer 0.8, which requires
> reconfiguring your settings for the audio sink. It might be advisable to kill
> and restart gconf right after upgrading, before going and reconfiguring for
> gstreamer 0.8.  The settings to upgrade are in /system/gstreamer/0.8/default.  
> hint: if you installed the 0.8 versions of your favorite audio sink, you should
> be able to copy /paste the old 0.6 settings as is. Suitable tools to edit these 
> values include gconf-editor, gstreamer properties 2.6 and gconftool-2."

Yes. I'm rebuilding rhythmbox to solve #250433, if you are ok with that
I'll include your note in the NEWS file.

BTW as said before this problem happens for much of gnome apps and we
are working to find a global solution.

> Anyhow, I restarted gconfd and, sure enough, the friggin 0.8 keys finally showed
> up in gconf-editor.  *grumble*
> Am I allowed to file an RC bug against the _author_ of gconfd? ;-P

Oh yes, feel free to do it, but I think that's already in bugzilla.
Hopefully it will be fixed in Gnome2.8.

> PS:  note that, in complement to bug #250433, I still cannot get any sound, 
> even if I separately install the gstreamer0.8-esd package and configure the
> audio sink to use it.

I'm not using esd but I'll have a look on this.


Sebastien Bacher

PS: sorry to have been nervous in the previous mail, but mailing
-release for this problem, which is mostly due to a gconf old problem,
to say that gnome2.6 is not ready is not really nice ...

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