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Re: Gnome 2.6 build environment

Christian Weeks <christian.weeks@oracle.com> writes:

> Hi there,
> I'm trying to build the upstream quick-lounge applet pending upload by
> the maintainer (I miss it so much already :( )
Thanks for the reminder. In fact, I alredy had it packaged but forgot
to upload - it's uploading now.

> Unfortunately, it seems that I can't get a build environment for the
> gnome 2.6 packages in experimental. I'm sure these must be around
> somewhere, but I'm probably missing an apt entry. (I've already got 'deb
> http://pkg-gnome.alioth.debian.org/debian experimental main').
> Can anyone point me at somewhere I can get these from?
I have:

deb http://garibaldi:9999/debian ../project/experimental main

replace that 'garibaldi:9999' with your mirror.

> cweeks-lap:~/wibble/quick-lounge-applet-2.1.0.is.2.1.1# apt-get install
> gnome-core-devel
Try stashing in a '-t experimental'.

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