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Upgrade to 2.6 : Sawfish bug (#241315)

I just upgraded my Gnome Desktop to the 2.6 version too. But too bad for
me i ran into bug #241315 aka "Top panel is moved over (or under) bottom
panel when using sawfish". This bug is also referred as #138089 and 
#140241 on bugzilla.gnome.org. The result is that the top panel seems
to disappear.

I'm not sure if i was able to really fix the problem. But after
upgrading rep-gtk to latest cvs, and a sawfish recompile (source taken
from unstable), the bug seems to no longer being present. But again : 
i'm really not sure.

Just recompiling rep-gtk from unstable leads to a compilation crash. I
had to upgrade to latest cvs. I tried to compile a sawfish upgraded to
latest with no success : bug still present [and another bug occured :
gdesklets seemed to have the "always on top" flag].

Very higly experimental packages are available at
Use those at your own risk.

Except this minor annoying bug, eveything else seems to work perfectly.
ROX worked as expected without even the need to recompile it for
example. It appears to be the same for the others GTK+2 apps.


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