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Re: Upload of GNOME 2.6 to unstable

On 2004-04-18 Erich Schubert <erich@debian.org> wrote:
> i've been upgrading to gnome 2.6 from experimental for some time, and i
> must say i'm quite impressed: it just works for me and i like it much.

> There are two things i see (from a user and -dev-user point of view) we
> _really_ need to do before sarge, or it will annoy us for a long time.
> They are not gnome2.6 specific.
> 2. gnutls. That was one bug that had bitten me: gnumeric from unstable,
> gnomeprint from experimental caused linking of two different gnutls
> versions... gnutls needs versioned symbols before sarge release.

Gnutls itself uses versioned symbols since gnutls7. However not all
the libraries gnutls itlself links against do:

libtasn: since libtasn1-2 0.2.7
opencdk: only in a branch in upstream's CVS.
libgcrypt: since libgcrypt10. Which is in sid since yesterday and
    gnutls does not link against it yet.

There is also libgpg-error but its ABI is frozen, i.e. we only have
one version in the archive so it is no problem.

However the whole problem would shrink to minimal manageable dimension
if packages did not uselessly link against gnutls or even libgcrypt,
re-libtoolizing them with libtool >= 1.5.2-2 would accomplish that,
and is already on the Debian Gnome TODO list.
                cu andreas
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