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Re: how to easily get gnome 2.6 out of experimental ?

On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 08:57:35PM -0400, Russell Neches wrote:
> I found that the problem was mysteriously caused by my sources.list. I
> used to get XFree86 4.3 from experimental, and just left experimental
> there when the packages were moved to unstable. However, for some weird
> reason, this same sources.list didn't work when I tried to grab the
> Gnome 2.6 packages. Changing it to the following fixed the problem,
> though I've no idea why.
> 	deb http://debian.lcs.mit.edu/debian unstable main contrib
> 	deb http://debian.lcs.mit.edu/debian ../project/experimental main
> 	# pick whatever mirror you want, of course
> You may have unnecessary things in your sources.list, which seems to
> have been my problem. Try starting over fresh with the bare minimum, and
> adding sources one at a time.

Nope, don't seems to be that. I have only unstable main, experimental
main and the michel daenzer's dri-trunk packages. This is a one week old
new install. It is on ppc though, and maybe caused by the non
autobuildness of experimental, and some of the packageslagging behind.


Sven Luther

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