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Re: Upload of GNOME 2.6 to unstable

Ar 17/04/2004 am 23:59, ysgrifennodd Xavier Bestel:
> Le sam 17/04/2004 à 23:31, Dafydd Harries a écrit :
> > In terms of applications, GTK+ 2.4 should be 100% backwards-compatible
> > with GTK+ 2.2 and, for that matter, GTK+ 2.0. GNOME has promised that
> > APIs and ABIs will not change during major verions (the major version in
> > question being 2). If there is incompatibility, it is a bug.
> Then, here is a (non-submitted) bug for you: install gnome-terminal 2.4
> with GTK+2.4, hit ctrl-pgup several times, and you'll see some garbage
> appearing in the shell (whereas it should just go to the previous tab,
> and then do nothing).

Generally, bugs should be reported to bug tracking systems, not to
mailing lists.

But there's nothing to say that that is a change of behaviour on the
part of gnome-terminal or libzvt rather than GTK+. (Which I would
suspect rather than a change in GTK+.) And even if it was down to GTK+,
I'd like to point out that I said not that the API *didn't* change, but
that it *shouldn't* have. I'm fairly sure that upstream would consider
API changes bugs.

A quick search reveals that this problem has been filed as a bug
upstream against gnome-terminal:


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