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Re: GnoMetal2 upgraded for Gnome2.6

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 02:10, John Alfred Nathanael Chee wrote:
> Does the new theme work with Gnome 2.4? I'm still in the dark ages.

Without a hiccup. Essentially I had to add a few things like the icon
for the "Computer" and the folder icons when they are open ("visiting").
I also trimmed the other directories (gaim and themes) removing old
icons that just aren't necessary.

As usual, I added the install.pl script for those who don't know where
to untar the archives. You can do ./install --help for options or
./install --all # for all users
./install --user # only for yourself.

I might one day venture into making a debian package for this... but
since Apple gets so touchy with their interface... we all know.

Luis M 
System Administrator/Web Developer 

Save yourself from the 'Gates' of hell, use Linux." -- like that one. --
The_Kind @ LinuxNet 


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