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Re: gnome-options man page

Jochen Voss <voss@seehuhn.de> writes:

> Hello Andrew,
> this was submitted as bug #183132 to the Debian bug tracking system.
> At that time the manual page did not go in because Christian Marillat
> did somehow not like it.  Later he close the bug, claiming to have
> included the manual page, but I do not think that it actually occurs
> in any package.  Details may be found at

In fact he did (at least in the sources according to the -9 .diff.gz),
perhaps the manpage has been lost somewhere ...

> In case anybody there feels like including the manual page in one of
> the gnome packages, I Cc: the debian-gtk-gnome list,

Yes, we'll include it in the next upload (again).


Sebastien Bacher

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