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spatial nautilus and bookmarks


I've installed the gnome 2.6 from experimental and I'm pretty happy with it. The only thing not working correctly is gkrellm. It defaulted to some fixed font and it doesn't let you change it. But I suppose this will be sorted out, once gnome 2.6 will be moving to unstable. Everything else is working fine, thanks for the great work!

I do want to ask about bookmarks situation in spatial nautilus. As I found out by default spatial nautilus does not have bookmarks menu. Does that mean that there is an option to make it appear, or that bookmarks do not belong to spatial nautilus, because of some very cool ui design idea? There is a places menu, which I do not use, so why there is no bookmarks menu? Or is there are way to add bookmarks to places menu? I do like spatial nautilus, yet disappearance of bookmarks somewhat cripples new experience of using it.


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