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Re: Keyboard doesn't work under Gnome 2.6.

On Sat, 2004-04-03 at 01:17, Laurent wrote:
> I'm using Gnome 2.6 from experimental and since the last upgrade 
> wednesday evening, my keyboard doesn't work for all applications under 
> Gnome 2.6 (gnome's applications or not).
> The cursor blinks when I type something but nothing appears.
> I have tried to modify keyboard settings but it doesn't do anything.
> It's not from my personnal files because I have the same problem with 
> a fresh install from another user...
> Funny thing, I have tried to launch Gnome 2.6 in a Xnest window 
> (gdmflexiser --xnest) and it has worked after I had reassigned 
> shortcuts for my multimedia keyboard with the keyboard gnome tool. Now, 
> I can use my keyboard from a Xnest windows but not directly under Gnome 2.6 !

I see the same problem and have made the same observation: if I assign
the power button to some action and clear it again, all keys start
working. Out of curiosity, you aren't also running on PPC?

> Perhaps it is related to GDM ? To make GDM works, I have 
> copied gnome.desktop file from KDM in /etc/dm/Sessions/. The file 
> gnome.desktop executes only "gnome-session" and not all the things in 
> the /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome script...

Not sure, but I do know that the culprit seems to be
gnome-settings-daemon: if you kill it, the keys intermittently work
until it respawns.

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