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Keyboard doesn't work under Gnome 2.6.

I'm using Gnome 2.6 from experimental and since the last upgrade 
wednesday evening, my keyboard doesn't work for all applications under 
Gnome 2.6 (gnome's applications or not).
The cursor blinks when I type something but nothing appears.
I have tried to modify keyboard settings but it doesn't do anything.

It's not from my personnal files because I have the same problem with 
a fresh install from another user...

Funny thing, I have tried to launch Gnome 2.6 in a Xnest window 
(gdmflexiser --xnest) and it has worked after I had reassigned 
shortcuts for my multimedia keyboard with the keyboard gnome tool. Now, 
I can use my keyboard from a Xnest windows but not directly under Gnome 2.6 !

Perhaps it is related to GDM ? To make GDM works, I have 
copied gnome.desktop file from KDM in /etc/dm/Sessions/. The file 
gnome.desktop executes only "gnome-session" and not all the things in 
the /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome script...


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