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Re: gnome 2.6 upgrade report (bad news)


* Josselin Mouette (joss@debian.org) wrote:
> See #240993; you can tell GDM to restart itself when the session is
> over.

To be honest I'd rather see gdm generally do less restarting, it's quite
annoying every time I log out having to wait for X to restart. Even with
the AlwaysRestartServer option set to false it seems to always restart
it. I don't know if maybe it's not possible to tear down enough of an X
session to hand it over to another user, but it should be, especially
when you're using horrible binary drivers that take an age to start ;)

> Is librsvg2-common the latest version from experimental?

ii  librsvg2-commo 2.6.3-1        SAX-based renderer library for SVG

I think that's the most recent version.

Chris "Ng" Jones

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