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Re: gnome 2.6 upgrade report (bad news)


* Joe Drew (hoserhead@woot.net) wrote:
> Having just struggling through upgrading to gnome 2.6 in experimental, I

I have just done the ssame and I have to say it wasn't easy, but I
suppose it's probably not meant to. I looked quite hard for a task that
would have all the right dependencies, but I couldn't find anything, so
I went through and installed the 2.6 versions of each package in one
fairly large apt-get command ;)

> - gdm told me its version didn't match the greeter, or some such

I had that before I did the upgrade, I think it was just a problem with
the latest gdm package in sid - I don't think gdm experimental packages
for 2.6 even exist yet.

>   nonsense, and told me to reboot my machine. Unacceptable - gdm
>   should know enough to restart itself.

I was quite curious about that too. It certainly made me think that
maybe Red Hat's plan of respawning gdm from inittab isn't such a bad
idea - in that situation gdm could have noticed the version mismatch and
slayed itself. On the other hand that's a recipe for things to go very
wrong if gdm is actually broken and not just a bit confused.

> - Upon restarting gdm manually, I got into a situation that the panel
>   refused to start ("The panel's already running, so I won't start!",

I didn't have any problems with that, but I was carefuly to slay any
processes from the previous session. I did find that when I logged in
nothing worked, which was because a few packages didn't have the correct
dependencies. All of these were already in BTS, which made fixing them a
little bit easier (although I was surprised to see bugs.debian.org lacks
a general search - with something like gnome, a bug could be in one of
several packages, so having to search by package isn't very helpful!)

The only outstanding issues I have are that gnome doesn't seem to be able
to load svg icon themes, I get an error about the format not being
recognised. I have checked that things like librsvg are the latest
versions, to no avail. I'm not sure if it's related, but most icons seem
to not render, especially desktop folder icons, in any icon theme.

Excellent work though, these packages seem to have come a long way in a
very short time, my thanks to everyone involved. I'm going to go and
bask in the Workbench-a-like spatial glory of nautilus, and warm myself
with the joy of the new file selector ;)

Chris "Ng" Jones

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