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Re: Comments / Suggestions on GTK+ 2.4 and GNOME 2.6

On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 01:01:50PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a few comments about GTK+ 2.4 and GNOME 2.6 from upstream's point of
> view...
>   * The initial GTK+ 2.4 releases won't be amazingly stable. It would almost
>     certainly be a bad thing for Sarge to ship with an early 2.4 release. If
>     the next release cycle is anything like the current one, Debian stable
>     users will be lumped with a relatively unstable core component of their
>     desktop for a long time.

Notice that debian would naturally not release sarge with an unstable
gtk2.4 component, so either sarge would be delayed until it is fixed, or
we ship without it.

gtk 2.4/gnome 2.6 in experimental would be nice though.


Sven Luther

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