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Comments / Suggestions on GTK+ 2.4 and GNOME 2.6

Hi all,

Just a few comments about GTK+ 2.4 and GNOME 2.6 from upstream's point of

  * The initial GTK+ 2.4 releases won't be amazingly stable. It would almost
    certainly be a bad thing for Sarge to ship with an early 2.4 release. If
    the next release cycle is anything like the current one, Debian stable
    users will be lumped with a relatively unstable core component of their
    desktop for a long time.

  * GNOME 2.6 requires GTK+ 2.4, so that basically means I'm suggesting that
    Debian ship Sarge without it.

  * Marshalling the 2.6 release in experimental will hopefully be fantastic,
    and I'm really glad it's finally being tried out. Thanks to the GNOME
    maint team! :-)

  * Should Sarge take another couple of months, letting a stabilised GTK+
    fall down into unstable and testing would be okay. That would allow
    GNOME to fall down with it, and everyone will be super-cheery. Except
    anyone hoping to see a stable Debian release. ;-)

Thanks, looking forward to running Debian's GNOME on my iBook, and testing
from experimental. :-)

- Jeff

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