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Re: metacity and #226961

Le jeu 22/01/2004 à 10:51, Oliver Grawert a écrit :
> hi,
> > is that a problem for somebody ?
> yep, a huge one....
> i'm forced by my company to use the company laptops instead of a private
> one, so i have to cope with this little unusable unprecise rubber nipple
> on the tecra 8200 instead of a touchpad. i like to use borderless (only
> a top bar) metacity themes, so i have a space of about 2px to click on
> for window raising....ever tried to punch a twine through a needles eye
> with a sledgehammer ? its totally annopying and has a retarding effect
> on my workflow.

I don't understand. The behaviour re-introduced in 2.6.3-2 for sloppy
focus is precisely to raise the window whenever and wherever it is
clicked. Isn't this what you are looking for?
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