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Re: XD2

On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 19:23, Chipzz wrote:

> I see no point in installing stable on a desktop system either: even if
> you DO have the woody backport of gnome 2.2 and/or XD 2, you're still
> missing a lot of other recent packages; stable is old, makes little sen-
> se for a desktop system at home. There's a difference in corporate en-
> vironments, where you want absolute stability, or for a server.
> My guess is that after a lot of the packages from unstable have migrated
> to testing, you'll have a lot of current stable usesr going to testing.
> Which is in the not so distant future.

I am obviously biased, but I would disagree with this.  The gnome2.2
offers not only stability, but also a LOT of gnome packages-- I include
all of official gnome2.2 as well as a good portion of gnome-fifth-toe
(eg totem, abiword, gcalctool, gaim, xchat, etc).  In addition I have
backported evolution 1.2.4 (and will evo 1.4), gnucash and relatively
recent versions of galeon and mozilla.  

One of the reasons I did the backport was indeed for the corporate
environment, and it has worked well.  I used to run sid and testing
boxes on my home machines, but now I use the woody and backport, and
really like how I don't have to worry about little things breaking (or
even big).

Like I said though, I am biased.  :)


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