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Re: XD2

On 5 Jun 2003, Ghe Rivero wrote:

> From: Ghe Rivero <ghe_rivero@yahoo.es>
> Subject: Re: XD2
> Hi!
> > Personally I think unstable would be a better target given the current
> > migration of packages from unstable into testing.
> > 
> > But that's just my 2 cents...
> > 
> > Kind regards,
> > 
> > Chipzz AKA
> > Jan Van Buggenhout
> Well, your advice is welcomed, but is not our goal. Since next stable
> version of Debian wil take ... a lot ... we just want one stable and

> modern gnome desktop for debian woody. Yeah, we can use the ports that
> are already make, but are they really stable? Today with 2.3.1 tomorrow
> with the new one 2.3.2... No, thanks. we'll take XD as the base becNause
> it's really a good improvement. That's all

There IS no 2.3.[0123] release in unstable. Upstream has explicitely
advised against it, and all packages from those releases have been down-
graded in unstable.
I see no point in installing stable on a desktop system either: even if
you DO have the woody backport of gnome 2.2 and/or XD 2, you're still
missing a lot of other recent packages; stable is old, makes little sen-
se for a desktop system at home. There's a difference in corporate en-
vironments, where you want absolute stability, or for a server.
My guess is that after a lot of the packages from unstable have migrated
to testing, you'll have a lot of current stable usesr going to testing.
Which is in the not so distant future.

> Ghe Rivero
> Pd.- Just for a moment, Imaging that you have to install linux in a
> group of about 400 computers. Nobody has ever used it. What do you think
> that they would do if they found Debian Woody instaled with gnome 1.4?
> No way. And with the "unoffical" gnome2.3? Today this thing is broken.

Again, there is NO such thing. It's gnome 2._2_.

> Tomorrow the other one. What about install sarge or sid? Please, don't
> make me laugh. I think that the best option is to package XD2 for woody.

I think it very much depends on what's your target audience: the single
user at home will not be running stable, while a company probably will.
So I think you can't just make the claim you just made. (*laughs* ;;)

> (Well, we can install RedHat or Suse or Mandrake, but...)

If stability is what you want, that's what you should do.

Kind Regards,

Chipzz AKA
Jan Van Buggenhout

                 UNIX isn't dead - It just smells funny

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