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A couple of issues with Gnome 2.2 Woody backport

I'm posting to this message list so maybe someone can tell me if these 
problems are specific to Jamie Strandboge's Woody backport or not.

If there's some more general Gnome-Debian forum please let me know, it's 
surprising that there isn't a user list like there is for KDE.

Anyway on to the problems:

Games: I don't know whether this is due to the fact that I didn't have
Gnome installed before, but the game links are all messed up on the
Gnome menu, when I try to launch them I get:
Details: Failed to execute child process "same-gnome" (No such file or
Yet when I launch them from the Debian menu or in KDE, all the Gnome games
work. I can't find a menu editor to see what the links point to.

Icons: While the Gnome menu has excellent icons, Start Here, Desktop
Preferences, Server Settings, System Settings, Network Servers (on the
menu) and Network Neighborhood are all lacking icons. This problem presists 
across themes.

These are both fairly minor issues, but there is one more and that's 
gnome-spell-0.5 crashes everytime I send an email in Evolution.

I don't mean to nitpick, but it's unfortunate to see these few blemishes on 
this otherwise excellent environment.

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