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Re: Project 'Make X-Chat's UI not suck'

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 18:34, Jeff Waugh wrote:
>   - Find xchat-jimbob in http://perkypants.org/debian. I am still using it,
>     even though it's based on 1.5.7, because it kicks the pants out of xchat
>     proper.

Unfortunately this is built against gnome, and depends on the now
non-existent libpanel-applet0. I tried building it, but it's written
against old versions of most everything (such that it no longer builds)
and I'm not keen on fixing that just to look at the UI. Anyhow, I
imagine many of the UI ideas are in gnomechat.

>   - Forget xchat completely and get on the GnomeChat bumper car from hell.
>     It's usable ("works") for casual use now, but give it a month or so and
>     it will totally decimate xchats 'market share'. It was designed with
>     usability in mind from the ground up.

Well, if it's usable I don't have much of a job then do I :)

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