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Re: Project 'Make X-Chat's UI not suck'

<quote who="Joe Drew">

> I'm writing to solicit comments, suggestions and (yes) even flames. I have
> no desire to create my own IRC client or to fork X-Chat; all I want is an
> great IRC client with a UI that doesn't suck.

Couple of suggestions:

  - Find xchat-jimbob in http://perkypants.org/debian. I am still using it,
    even though it's based on 1.5.7, because it kicks the pants out of xchat

  - Forget xchat completely and get on the GnomeChat bumper car from hell.
    It's usable ("works") for casual use now, but give it a month or so and
    it will totally decimate xchats 'market share'. It was designed with
    usability in mind from the ground up.


- Jeff

    "Man, is there some worldwide consipiracy to supply me with doctored    
             dictionaries or something?" - Adrian van den Dries             

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