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Re: German 'umlaute' in gnome(-terminal)

Ole Laursen <olau@hardworking.dk> writes:


> > > It would also help if GDM sourced /etc/environment and used the settings
> > > there as defaults.
> > 
> > GDM 2.4.x uses /etc/environment (not by sourcing it but through
> > pam_env.so). I don't know about older versions, though.
> Are you sure it works? If it worked, wouldn't GDM 2.4 speak the
> language specified in /etc/environment?

The LANG setting from /etc/environment is used for the session, but
unfortunately not for the GDM greeter, which is a seperate programme.

> It doesn't with the package
> from
>   deb http://harshy.homelinux.org/files/debian ./

If it even doesn't work for the session, then possibly /etc/pam.d/gdm
is not present. This happened to me when I was using the sources from
Gustavo Noronha's backport. His package contained a file called
/etc/pam.d/gdm2 which was obviously ignored by gdm.

I don't know if the Greeter's inability to set the UI language could
also be cured by adding an appriopriate file to /etc/pam.d, but
possibly it doesn't even use pam as it doesn't conduct any

So here the easiest workaround is to add

set -a
. /etc/environment
set +a

to /usr/bin/gdm.

Unfortunately this is overwritten by any upgrade, so probably Sean
should patch the file from debian/rules or better upstream should fix


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