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Gnome 23 installs OK but gives WM problems

Gnome SID installation with metacity or sawfish WM:

"aptitude install gnome" worked great with no errors.  Using startx to "exec
gnome-session".  When splashscreen comes up it hangs for a while showing
"Window Manager" where it should indicating "metacity" and then continues and
disappears and brings up what is a really weird control panel.  The panel is
a super long bar extending very far beyond the right hand edge of the screen.
It has the Gnome footprint at the far left but does not have the Applications
or Actions headings.  If I select the footprint the long bar simply drops down
and becomes about 4 or 5 times deeper in depth and may or may not have icons on
the left side.  Sawfish behaves the same way.  Super weird.

Have set update-alternatives for x-window-manager to metacity and modified the
window manager to metacity using gconf-editor but with no luck.  Any ideas?

If I startx with "gnome-panel &" and "exec icewm" everything is normal and the
control panel works fine.


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