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Re: German 'umlaute' in gnome(-terminal)

Hi Matt!

> > I installed language-env and selected german everywhere, that's it -
> > I'm quite sure I didn't do more for my last installations (woody with
> > gnome 1.4).
> How are you logging in to GNOME?  If you use GDM, you may need to choose
> a German locale from its "Language" menu before logging in.

Shame on me - that's it!

What exactly happens there? I found a new file ~/.gnome/gdm:

Where is my lang environment overwritten? In a gnome-terminal I still
have what I've set:
tmm@blade:~$ echo $LANG

Thanks and sorry to everyone who answered.

MfG Thomas Mueller - http://www.tmueller.com for pgp key (95702B3B)

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