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Re: Still no desktop icons with gnome 2.2.0 and nautilus

Le mer 12/02/2003 à 13:19, Ronald van Engelen a écrit :
> Well the problem with the gnome-control-center is the same: I just see
> the defualt document icons: 
> the Font Properties entry for example in preferences:/// is displayed as
> a default document icon with the label 'font-properties.desktop'. When
> doubleclicking it, nothing happens. The file-type is
> application-launcher and the mime type is application/x-gnome-app-info.
> Launching the Font properties from the (Gnome-foot) menu works just
> fine.

Sounds strange ...

Which debian are you running ? sid ?

On my sid box, it works (freshly upgraded) and my gnome theme related
packages are numered as following :

$ dpkg -l | grep gnome | grep theme
ii  gnome-icon-the 1.0.0-1        GNOME Desktop icon theme
ii  gnome-themes   2.2-3          GNOME 2 Desktop themes

and my nautilus stuff is except nautilus2 which is 2.0.7-2

What about yours ?


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