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Re: Still no desktop icons with gnome 2.2.0 and nautilus

Le mer 12/02/2003 à 13:08, Fabio Rafael da Rosa a écrit :
> Em Qua, 2003-02-12 às 09:18, Alexis Sukrieh escreveu:
> > Do you have changed your Gnome2 theme with the Gnome Control Center ?
> > 
> > It works for me.
> > 
> For me too, but, can I chance _only_ nautilus icon theme.. ?

Yes you can :)

First I strongly recommend to install "gnome-themes" which will give you
about 10 Gnome2 themes.

Once the `apt-get install gnome-themes` is done, do the following steps

Go to the gnome theme manager with Menu->Apps->Prefs->Theme
And click on the "Details" button on the upper right corner of the
preference window.

Then choose the "icons" tab and set the icon set you want, it will
change only the icons with keeping the other theme preferences.

Gnome2 theme manager rulez ;-)

> In previous versions, it was an item in nautilus preferences, but
> now nautilus apearence is integrated with gnome-theme-manager..
> How it works now.. ?

As you mention it : Nautilus theme is managed through Gnome2 prefs and I
find it really smart.


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