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Re: gnome-theme-manager still crashing on me

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 19:34, Johannes Rohr wrote:
> > Anyway, I installed it.  It still doesn't work.
> This has actually nothing to do with the metacity issue.

Right, this actually a separated issue.  It is, however, *another*
reason for gnome-theme-manager to crash.

> Offering a backtrace by default when people usually have stripped
> binaries is kind of pointless. I wonder if the bug-buddy maintainers
> will ever add an explanation about this.

I'm sorry if this bothers anyone.  Even if you have no debugging info,
the sequence of called routines is useful sometimes.  I was just hoping
for someone to identify the pattern, but, unfortunately, that didn't

> Please have a look at the many related threads in the list
> archive. You'll also find the URLs for the corresponding reports in
> bugzilla.gnome.org. The theme manager _is_ buggy. Definitely. Until
> _upstream_ releases a fixed version, this bug will remain.

I checked everything I was able to find, to no avail.  You are right in
that the program is pretty buggy in its current state.

> It might help to dramatically reduce the number of themes
> installed. (I actually had tons of old GTK 1.2 and metacity themes
> lying around that I never use). Furthermore you might try renaming
> your ~/.themes directory. If you have the gnome-themes package
> installed you can safely remove it unless you need the accessability
> themes it contains.

This doesn't seem to be the problem.  Actually, doing some more tracing
(I recompiled with debugging symbols) shows me that when the
/desktop/gnome/interface/icon_theme gconf key is not there, the program
crashes.  Adding it by hand, solves the problem partially, but I still
have problems if I try to select the "Default" metatheme.  Doing that
not only crashes the program, but erases the said key from gconf.  On
the other hand, if I keep using the "Custom" metatheme", I can safely
customize stuff.

It would be trivial to patch gnome-theme-manager to add this key when it
isn't present, but I don't know it that's the right thing to do.  I
suppose some program should be responsible for that, and we should make
sure the corresponding Debian package guarantees that the key will be
there, because otherwise people will be seeing a lot of funny crashes.


M. S.
Martin Soto <soto@informatik.uni-kl.de>
Universität Kaiserslautern - AG Software Engineering

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