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Re: Gnome 2 Install Bugs

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 13:38, Chris Ingram wrote:
> Overall, I am farily disappointed with GNOME 2.  Many of the
> configuration options have been oversimplified,

Over-simplified? The aim of GNOME 2 was to remove the useless options,
and ensure the defaults are the right choices.  What options
specifically do you actually miss, instead of mearly noticing that they
are missing?

> the removal of the favorites menu was a disappointment

It's still there as far as I know, but not enabled. At least my GNOME
2.0.3 desktop at work for several weeks had a favourites menu.  In
theory its not required as much as it was in GNOME 1 as the menu layout
is a lot clearer, and all users can edit the menus if they don't like
the layout.

> and the Window List applet sometimes decides not to use two rows to
> display the running applications

I find that for 36-pixel high panels and below, the window list applet
uses one row, more than that is uses two.

> and doesn't appear to group like applications like it used to.

Windows are grouped by application, not by name.  If two different
programs created a window with the same name, there would be two
different icons.  When a set of windows is grouped, the name of the
group is normally the name of the executable as there is often no simple
way of knowing what the name of the group should be.

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