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Re: bonobo-activation needs regressed!

<quote who="Jack Howarth">

> you will see that for Gnome 2.0 they are still using 1.0.3
> of bonobo-activation whereas 2.1.0 only appears in Gnome 2.1...

> So either we need to regress bonobo-activation or bite the bullet
> and migrate sid to Gnome 2.1 to resolve these issues.

Debian should *NOT* migrate to GNOME 2.1.x! Other than people requesting the
2.1.x version of bonobo-activation for galeon-snapshot et al., I have no
idea why it was added.

b-a needs to be taken back to the 2.0.x version, and if the 2.1.x version is
required for some packages (if that's even true), it should be packaged
separately (if that's even possible).

Bum, and it was going so well. ;-)

- Jeff

   "Everyone says they like Free Software - not everyone is ready to make   
         the tough choices to make it happen." - Maciej Stachowiak          

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